Meet Michael Nolan

Michael is an addiction counselor, recovery coach, & founder of Just Love More, Inc. Hover over his photo below for info on his credentials.

Change isn’t easy.

If you're reading this, you're probably considering a change. To break the cycle of harmful behaviors we have to be willing to do the work to discover what led us to start those behaviors in the first place. Rediscovery Wellness isn't a quick fix, it's a series of in-depth, customizable programs to help you begin to recover by identifying trauma and replacing harmful habits with empowering ones.


We offer a variety of services to help you reach a state of true recovery in mind, body, and spirit.

Addiction Counseling

We're here to help you get to the root of your addictive behaviors and learn to manage them.

Recovery Coaching

Ready to take your recovery to the next level? Coaching can help you identify and get past what's blocking you.

First Aid / CPR

There is nothing more empowering than having the skills and knowledge to help save a life in an emergency.

Anger Management

We offer comprehensive group and 1-on-1 anger management sessions based on your needs.

EFT Therapy

EFT is an evidence-based therapeutic process proven to help with everything from anxiety to depression.

Narcan Training

Get trained on how to recognize the signs and and reverse an opioid overdose with naloxone.

New to Recovery? Need a Reboot?

First30 by Rediscovery Wellness founder Michael Nolan is an easy to follow step-by-step guide and workbook designed to help you create healthy habits and behaviors while taking control of your life. It's a great reboot no matter what challenges you are working to overcome.

Start Your First30 Now!


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